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Website Launch

IMG_1092Well this is it. The Ocean Breeze cootage has its own website. To cultivate interest in the cootage rental, we placed ads on many national websites in Québec and Canada, from coast to coast. All of you found us through them. The Ocean Brreze cottage is now available for rent in Cap-à-l’Aigle, a few km from La Malbaie.

www.briseoceane.ca offers better descriptions of the cottage, more photos, and information about the city and the region. Also a few sggestions on what can be done to have great fun between 2-70 kilometers. And there is really a lot to do and admire.

Of course, you can now make your reservations directly on the website and ask all the questions you need! Welcome at the Ocean Breeze Cottage, à la maison Océane!