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To ski at arms lenght

Well. Time to change our frame of mind and to get set for the white brightnerss of snow and ice! Winter time in the Cap-à-l’aigle sector of the city of La malbaie in Charlevoix promises beautiful ski slopes, and the exceptionnal cross-country trails of the Mont Grand-Fonds installations. A mountain where the whole family can get what it came for but also, the more solitary types looking for quiet and aventure. At the Mont Grand-Fonds, 700 meters high, you have space to breathe…

And before you leave and after you return, the Ocean Breeze cottage offers you all the conforts and pleasure of a waterfont house with spectacular views. 40 feet of windows displaying 30 kilometer of water on 180 degrees. Wow! Everyday is just fantastic to lok at. Welcome to the Ocean breeze and we are sure you will enjoy your stay!