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Femme OcéaneNothing between the water and you! Opened in July 2012, the Ocean Breeze Cottage is located close to the Cap-à-l’Aigle sector of the city of La Malbaie. The house faces the poetic St-Laurence River in the magnificient Charlevoix region. If you are the cuddly type and wish to be caressed by the salty winds while gazing at the tides, each room of the Ocean Breeze cottage is at your disposal for an inceredible view, all year round. The Ocean Breeze principle is simple: pleasure first, this is what lasts. The cottage is a perfect base to explore the region and its gastronomy, culture, history and great outdoors.


The Ocean View

It is all about the view, when you are facing the 25 salty kilometers of water and sky. When taking a closer look, many islands appear in the distance on the other side of the St-Laurence and seem to be at reach. Is it Kamouraska, there ? And there, the city of Rivière-du-Loup ? I wonder what is the name of that ship, and who are the lucky ones sailing on their way to St-Malo in France? Let me get the binoculars. Why not walk down to the beach and open our wine?

And these questions seem futile and profound. Are these waves or whales ? Isn’t the tide higher today than the one before? Let’s fill the grill for a slow cook.

So, if you are craving for a large view of the sky and water, the Océane Cottage is where you should be. And wow! It’s now available for rent! And then you can truly say, there is nothing between the water and me!

The House

Decorated with taste, this rental cottage will provide you with all you need. Cooking inside or on the terrace grill, burning wood in the fireplace, listening to a great record, taking a bath staring at the stars, sitting in front of the river watching merchant ships go by, walking kilometers on the beach; the Ocean Breeze Cottage is made for people who want it all.  The Ocean Breeze Cottage has its own beach!!! And yes, it is true that the ice breaking makes music, that the pines sing in the wind and that we sometimes have the chance to hear the waves breaking from up high. The Ocean Breeze provides three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two living rooms overlooking 2,5 acres of land.

Getting There

From Montréal: Take the 138 highway to La Malbaie. At the bridge, turn left and keep your right (S shape) and drive 6 km. You will pass an Irving gaz station. Your destination is 2 km passed that station, a little street on your right. Drive slowly! From Québec City : Same programme but shorter, about two hours. Coming from the other side of the water? Hey, take the Ferry first at Rivière-du-Loup info here and then the 138 towards La Malbaie from Saint-Siméon, about an hour drive!