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The Region

Nature and its splendor

IMG_1227To admire the beauty of nature in the Charlevoix region is the first reason why it has been since the 1900’s the main villegiature area in Québec. All these Parcs and historic landmarks, Charlevoix would be nothing without them! The Mill of  l’Isle-aux-Coudres or the Museum of the meunerie, the Mill of the Éboulements, the superb village of  Port-au-Persil, the Bootlegger house near Océane, the Big Gardens National Parc, also very close, as is the National Parc of the Hautes-Gorges-De-La-Rivière-Malbaie, the Mont-Grands-Fonds and Massif mountains of  Charlevoix. One week is not enough to see them all!

Por la comida


Vice Versa Restaurant Fine Cuisine

A lot of choice in Cap-à-l’Aigle and La Malbaie and for all budgets. Fine cuisine and smoke meat sandwiches garnish the Charlevoix region restaurants. So if you are the lucky type and if your wallet is always smiling back at you, try some of the best spots. You will find suggestions on the coffee table near the window. Try the Fromagerie de Saint-Fidèle, for their cheeses, breads and regional beers. Or smoked fish especially in summer time, bakeries like Pain d’Exclamation. And then why not follow the road of flavors!

These fish look like whales?

baleine 640-480Well after all, these are whales! Some large, some small, gray or white. Some just in front of the house, especially in the late afternoon at about four o’clock. For others, it is better to do the tour and take a closer look.

Many cruises of a few hours in length on a zodiac or on a boat are available in the region. Such a beautiful sight when you stair directly in their eyes, it seems like they are talking to you!

Ah! Music after a drink !

Domaine Forget

Domaine Forget

You know that we are talking about. The very reputable Domain Forget, the mecca of classical musical and more recently of a variety of musical genres.  Try it during the warm season and also when its colder as it opens year round! Concert halls, exhibits and events await you just 20 minutes from the Ocean Breeze Cottage.

Muscle tone

act_hgo_escalade_glaceTime to stand up. Enough of the sitting down thing and hours if not days of contemplation. Hop on your bike, rent a kayak and roll down the river, fishing maybe? Walk the different trails of the Hautes-Gorges, Saguenay and Grands-Jardins incredible parks. You can use a rope if such is your wish but for us, the normal kind, kayacks, row boats, tour boats, walking or even an helicopter ride can help us get there!


Murray Bay

Murray Bay Golf Club

Yes, the very elegant golf club 10 minutes away, you will not leave the water view on your way there, or on the greens! The Murray Bay golf Club. Wow! It is not Hawaï, but the blue waters of the St-Laurence River will make you feel very good as the boats pass by, while waiting for your friend to try their shot, or … miss it!  Yes. the Murray Bay Golf Club is one of the oldest clubs in Canada. The city of La Malbaie was a destination for the most affluent people in Québec, Canada and the States.

Artists ... are’nt they good?

P. ChiassonYou know, Charlevoix is known as a great spot for art lovers.  The cities of Baie-St-Paul, St. Irénée, les Éboulements and increasingly La Malbaie offer great galleries. And all these cities tenderly cradled between sea and mountains harbour renowned artists. This is the time to visit them. Why not enjoy them while a shower passes by, when the sun is too hot or the air too cold. They are worth discovering and why not spend a little money! It is never lost.

The big events

Transat Québec- St-Malo

Transat Québec- St-Malo

The fantastic tall ships passing right in front of you, on their way to St-Malo in France participating in the Transat Québec-St-Malo, the Festival of Colours Rêves d’automne, la Grande Traversée de Charlevoix, La ChantEauFête, the Challenge Casino de Charlevoix, the courageous cyclers participating in the Grands rendez-vous cyclistes. Horse and country music lovers will find what they need at le Rodéo de Charlevoix or try the International Music Festival of the Domaine Forget.  le Rodéo de Charlevoix. These will get you started.

To visit

MAC Baie St-Paul

Baie St-Paul CAM

The Musée d’art contemporain de Baie St-Paul, or the Carrefour culturel Paul-Médéric, Centre d’histoire naturelle de Charlevoix, Forge-Menuiserie Cauchon, Musée maritime de Charlevoix, Musée les voitures d’Eau, Musée Gommes de sapins du Québec.

Snow you say? 'Till May!

Ski at Mont Grand-Fonds

Yep! Time has come to take advantage of the superb  snow, ski slopes and trails of the Mont Grand-Fonds Regional Parc! It’s only 15 km away and more than 700 meters high. Thats for alpine skiing. But if you’re in really great shape, why not try the 160 kilometers of cross-country skiing. Wouh! And fortunately, they allow you many days to get it done! Or what the heck, just slide down the hills with the kids, we all know it’s so much fun! Remember to watch of the view! Check it out!

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